Our Horses


Our horses, your buddies while you’re here



Danny, our "Heavy Boy”

We had searched for a horse like him for over 3 years.We had a heavy horse in mind, quiet, surefooted, good minded. He is supposed to mostly carry tall and strongly built people.So our Maple will be a bit unburdened from this summer on. He is an amiable gentle giant, who – on the other hand – cuts sweet rascal Will down to size if necessary.


Amber in Wonderland
She obviously did not know anything but her previous stable/corral. When we got her she reminded us to  "Alice in Wonderland":
 everything was new to her and she just could not stop gazing at anything. We have been told that she had given birth to a few foals, but she never had a real name. Everybody just called her “Mama”. When we saw her for the first time, and got aware of her bright ambercoloured eyes, the decision was made. Her name from now on would be  AMBER.
She accustomed well with our herd.
Last summer we found out, that she meanwhile is our fastest horse.
Her nickname therefore is
"Little Rocket".


Joey, the adorable Clown;

we got him at a very young age, and raised and trained him by ourselves. Although he is full of beans and always comes up with "wonderful ideas how to decorate the yard" (by emptying the baerproof garbage bins, for example), he is a very reliable and footsure horse under the saddle.




is not only the youngest but also the coolest and most social horse we have. He loves to be in the water (hippo), shares his hay with moose (in winter almost looks like one himself); and sometimes you can find him inspecting the garage or the shop for grain, or taking a walk on the porch. Once, he even was close to enter the living room when the door wasn't shut properly...



After a long lasting hoof problem she is finally out of pain, and becoming more and more a real happy horse. Because of her issue she isn't trained too well yet, so it's exclusively one of us who rides her (up to now).



is the leading mare of the herd. She is very smart and very well trained in both styles, English and Western. She loves to learn and is always open for picking up something new.



came to us together with (Sara and) Joey. From afar they've been always looking pretty  equal which sometimes still gives us a hard time
to tell them apart from each other. Smart is very smooth and it's a joy to ride her.


(not Lassie and not Lady)

is the group leader's horse  out on the trails. And she does an excellent and safe job. She even keeps other horses in the group from passing her, if it's not plan of the ride.When we got her she was almost impossible to catch, and very shy. Now, that she has found her place, she became a bomb proof trail horse.


(Nickname "Little Barrel")

came to us by coinsidence. Friends of ours had brought her into our neighbourhood for sale, but the deal did not work out; back then Maple maybe was more a princess than a horse (she thought). We helped our friends out and picked her up from there, gave her a mirror and a brainwash ("you are a HORSE"), and traded her for a pig. She still is full of never ending energy, but a fine and easy going buddy through thick and thin in any kind of terrain.



Our Golden Girls

After many years together, doing a very good job they are retired now. 
Every now and then they get listed for a responsibly task, carrying little children.
They enjoy "being back" for a while and feel needed and important.




is a pure bred 'Heavy Warmblood' and trained in English and Western Style. She is almost 17 hands high which is very impressing when you are standing beside her. She is one of our two "Elderly Ladies", very quiet, very calm and very good minded. One of the best of our "Good Girls".



She was pregnant when we bought her, and she gave us a wonderful foal (Will). Sara used to perform at shows and knows "every trick in the book". Even we can still lern a lot from her about correct riding. Her good mind and sure footed gates make her a most reliable trail horse. 









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